SWIFT Fiber can provide you with a variety of high performance fibers like aramid, LCP, HMPE, carbon fiber, etc.


SWIFT Fiber is able to provide you with different processed fiber products including standard and customized solutions.

Who we are

SWIFT Fiber is your reliable supplier and partner for high performance fiber products and projects. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our team

Bart Broos

Sales Manager

Connie Shen

Purchase Manager

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In the technical textile industry almost everybody is aware of the name Dyneema® which is today a household synonym for HMPE, high modulus polyethylene. This fiber is one of the strongest fibers currently available on the market and has very […]

Rigging & Rope Recycling

SWIFT Fiber is specialized in the collection and recycling of used, discarded and re-fitted rigging cables and ropes. We collect old ropes from over the world and bring them to our facility to get them recycled. The fibers inside the […]

Official start of SWIFT Fiber

  November 1st is the date of the official start of SWIFT Fiber. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm both Connie Shen and Bart Broos are ready to re-enter the market of synthetic yarns and explore all the opportunities […]

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