Cut out windscreens with zero damage


SWIFTCUTPRO® is our latest generation of synthetic cut-out cords for windshield removal.

SWIFTCUTPRO® is made from synthetics and has a higher tensile strength than steel wire. It is gentle for the car body and will cut through the toughest glues. The cord is coated for identification and lubrification, which results in a long lasting wire and many removals. It doesn’t stain, corrode or rust.

SWIFTCUTPRO® is compatible with most of the wire-based removal tools available on the market and can be used in a wide variety of cutting jobs. From regular cars to utility vehicles, trucks, busses and even trains and planes.



  • Softer and more flexible
  • Higher strength
  • No damage to the car
  • No corrosion or rust
  • Re-usable
  • Faster to use
  • Easier to use
  • Safer to use