UHMWPE tape is a different branch on the tree of UHMWPE products. UHMWPE tape is a flat monofilament which can be either used flat or twisted. A flat tape can be used in sailcloth or composites and the twisted yarn could be used for the production of ropes and netting.

Due to the nature of the tape – monofilament, this UHMWPE product is very resistant to abrasion and creep. UHMWPE tape is not new to the market and available under the brands Tensylon™ and Endumax®. We can offer the UHMWPE tape as a 5 mm wide flat tape or as a fibrillated tape of 1.760 dtex up to 30.000 dtex. The make-up is on a carton tube and when necessary we can twist the tape into any desired construction. The standard color of the tape is white. The tape is thin, with 25 microns of thickness it offers better plyability.

Another advantage of the tape over regular yarn is the smaller chance of bio-fowling. Due to the lower surface per dtex, the yarn offers less chance to algues and other seecreature to adhere to resulting in lower built up. Also nets and ropes made with UHMWPE tape are easier to clean for this same reason.

And last but not least, with the production of UHMWPE tape no solvents are used which makes it a more environmentally friendly product compared the UHMWPE yarns. Of course the UHMWPE tape shares the already known benefits of UHMWPE yarn like the high strength, low specific weight (it floats on water) and the low elongation and high modulus. Please contact us for a discussion how this tape can help to improve your product.