Thin UHMWPE yarns in black and white

UHMWPE yarns find applications in sportswear like skiwear, swimwear, bikewear and various other sports related clothing. Other applications can be found in medical textiles, small braids and UHMWPE yarns are more and more used in ballistic applications. Colored UHMWPE could be used for shrapnel protection in headwear or underwear and could offer a great alternative to para-aramid yarns.

Small braids are used in hundreds of applications, from sailing to mountaineering and from furniture to the high-tech use of UHMWPE in kite lines and composites. UHMWPE yarns offer high strength, light weight and improved abrasion resistance and cut resistance. Also the heat conductive properties could help to cool down the body.

SWIFT Fiber stocks and transforms these high-performance yarns. We twist UHMWPE for better handling and better properties. For instance, a twisted HMPE yarn is easier to process and offers an improved abrasion resistance compared to an untwisted yarn. Our machines can twist from 110 dtex.

Next to white UHMWPE, also black is available in small dtex (from 220 dtex) at SWIFT Fiber. Other colors could be available upon request. Spun dyed UHMWPE yarns provide excellent colourfastness and coloured through-and-through and take away the need for downstream coating of the final fabric.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your application.