SWIFT Fiber braiding yarns

SWIFT Fiber provides technical yarns suitable for braiding. These yarns are engineered to provide superior strength and coverage. Braiding yarns are commonly used in a variety of wire and cable braided applications like in securing cable bundles (cable assemblies), typically in the aerospace and automotive industry.

One of those yarns is Nomex®, which is used for various high performance applications. Since Nomex® is extremely lightweight, low-profile and flame retardant, it is an ideal solution for braided or woven sleeves. Sleeves which can be used in a range of applications, including performance automotive, fuel / oil / chemical hoses, fire protection components and OEM assemblies. Nomex can be used for direct overbraiding of the above mentioned cable assemblies in automotive and aerospace as well. Para-aramid known as Kevlar® or Twaron®, is also used for these applications including cable and hose manufacturing. As well as Vectran®, PEEK, UHMWPE like Dyneema® and other high performance fibers are used as braiding yarns and can be tailored to your requirement.

For all these different applications, SWIFT Fiber offers the yarns already twisted, cabled or just respooled onto a small carton tube. These compact packages could be directly inserted into the braiding machine, but also other packages/make-ups are available. From carton tubes to braider bobbins, from conical tubes to tapered spools with single or multiple ends up. Our precision-wound packages increase yield per tube for fewer machine stops and increased efficiency and productivity in your production. Our braiding yarns are available in a wide range of specifications, colors and sizes to meet the needs of the market and specific customer requirements.

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