In the technical textile industry almost everybody is aware of the name Dyneema® which is today a household synonym for HMPE, high modulus polyethylene. This fiber is one of the strongest fibers currently available on the market and has very interesting properties like the mentioned high strength, low specific gravity (the yarn floats on water), high cut resistance and a very good chemical and UV resistance. Dyneema® is the brand name of DSM Dyneema® and is produced both in The Netherland and the United States. Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the family name of Dyneema®, some other brands are Spectra®, Tsunooga® and Endumax®. The latter product is a HMPE tape (flat monofilament).

The market is full of alternatives for these brands with different prices and different qualities. How to make the right choice between all these offerings? SWIFT Fiber works with proven suppliers with a product range in both white and dyed colors, also HMPE tape is available through SWIFT Fiber.

Standard yarn colors besides white, are red, yellow and black. Other colors are available upon request. The fibers are produced with a colored polymer, which means the color can not rub off, wash off or fade due to the use of the fiber. Colored HMPE is available from 220 dtex and white HMPE is available from 55 dtex.

All the mentioned brand names belong to their respective owners.