Fine denier UHMWPE and para-aramid

Countless applications are demanding for lower weights with similar or even higher performance. Applications like narrow fabrics for aerospace and automotive, small braids for fishing, automotive or sports. UHMWPE is also used in medical applications for instance as suture yarn. These developments fuel the demand for small dtex (small denier) high performance yarns like para-aramid and UHMWPE. Very small yarns with high tensile strengths can be used in cutting or tearing applications like in paper, packaging, tapes or fabrics.

Para-aramid commonly known under the name Kevlar® or Twaron® combines a high tensile strength with a high heat resistance and a very good chemical resistance. It doesn’t like UV though. UHMWPE commonly know as Dyneema® or Spectra® is a yarn that floats on water, with high UV resistance properties and has a very low coefficient of friction, but it does melt around 140°C. The yarns can be spooled to length, twisted or just flat. Our standard range of para-aramid starts from 220 dtex (200 denier) and in UHMWPE it starts from 110 dtex (100 denier). Lower dtex UHMWPE is available from as small as 22 dtex (20 denier) upon request.

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