Black / yellow aramid in various make-ups

Para-aramid (commonly known under the brands Kevlar® or Twaron®) is used in hundreds of applications like in technical textiles, high performance sails, ropes, lines, thermoplastic reinforcement, cables and much more. Para-aramid does not shrink, does not burn and has a very high strength with almost no elongation. Also over time, para-aramid doesn’t show any extension (creep).

SWIFT Fiber processes para-aramid by twisting, winding and by adding coating to the yarn, which makes it even more versatile. By twisting para-aramid, the yarn gets round, which increases its flex fatigue resistance and gains in strength. By coating the yarn, it can increase its processability and add more features that suits your application. We can also process the yarn and put it on the package that works best in your machine. 

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