Para-aramid and high tenacity polyester binders for the cable industry

Binding applications are very common in the production of electric, communication and fiber optic cables. SWIFT Fiber supplies the full range of binders. From high tenacity polyester binders to para-aramid binders for the highest strength with virtually no shrinkage. From coated binders for improved handling to low shrink polyester or even ultra low shrink binders as a cost-effective alternative to para-aramid. Precision wound to reduce production faults and stops and solid packages which help to increase the line speed. Available with a non-wick or a waterblocking finish to reduce water migration in the cable.

There are various make-ups available, with the length and diameter of the package required for your application. Optimized for the maximum length per package for less frequent machine stops. Dual end (2 individual yarns per package) is optional.

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