PEEK monofilament & multifilament supply issues?

The current situation (Brexit, COVID-19) could have dramatic effects on your supply chain. Shipments which are delayed, empty containers that are on the wrong continent, air express at very high costs and large queues at customs. Just a couple of headlines of the business news of January this year. We all have to deal with these extremities caused by a multitude of reasons.

If you are experiencing supply or quality issues with PEEK monofilaments or PEEK multifilament, please know that you have options. We can offer PEEK monofilaments and multifilaments from an EU source with 25+ years of filament extrusion experience, aerospace and medical grades available, diameter from 0.10 mm to 2.00 mm and make-up either on a reel or on a carton tube.

Please know that we can help. We carry stock of PEEK monofilament and we have short supply lines for non-stock items. Tailored properties according customers request in terms of elongation, shrinkage and tensile strength.

Please send us your request today and we will have an answer for you ASAP.