PEEK monofilament / multifilament and PEEK staple fiber

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a colourless organic thermoplastic polymer in the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family and is used in many engineering applications. PEEK has an excellent chemical and thermal resistance and could be an alternative to meta-aramid and PPS filaments. Customers appreciate the non-stick character of the filaments in processing belts as well as in filtration fabrics. PEEK filaments can also be used in applications like composites, cable harnesses for aerospace, automotive and utility vehicles, strings for musical instruments and for rackets like tennis, squash and badminton, medical applications and in 3D printing. Our PEEK resin and therefore the filaments are FDA approved and safe to be used in the food industry.

PEEK monofilament

PEEK is available in monofilaments from 0.10 mm up to 2.50 mm and PEEK filaments are particularly suitable for applications that require extremely high mechanical, thermal and chemical properties. The standard make-up for monofilaments is on flanged reels, for braiding applications we could supply the filaments directly on braider bobbins.

PEEK multifilament

Our PEEK offering also consists of PEEK multifilament from 125 dtex up to 1230 dtex and could be delivered on regular carton spools or on flanged reels. Our standard products are 550 dtex and 1230 dtex with 30 or 72 filaments. PEEK multifilament could be used to produce hybrid yarns or used in hybrid fabrics. The mechanical properties could be adapted to suit your application and both low and high shrinkage and low and high elongation are available.

PEEK staple fiber

Our latest addition is the PEEK staple fiber which is basically short filaments with various lengths which could be used to spin into yarns (100% PEEK or mixed with other fibers) or to be used in felts or other non-woven products.

PEEK 3D filament

PEEK produced with the highest purity PEEK resin for the best printing results available on various spools with a diameter of 1.75 mm. This version available as an unfilled, 100% PEEK filament.

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