100% recycled polyester yarn-100% food safe

Industrial grade polyester yarn made from recycled PET bottles is now a reality. High tenacity recycled polyester yarn is available from 1100 to 2880 dtex at an industrial scale. The process is highly controlled and the output is 100% food safe and the yarn could be used for applications with direct food contact.

Today we are confronted with more and more industrial and domestic waste. Plastics in all kinds of forms and sorts are the main share of our waste. Plastics could be valorized by burning them and reclaiming the energy in the form of heat and/or electricity. A better way is recycling plastics into the original polymer and use them again. Today this is possible with plastic PET bottles. Used bottles are being collected, cleaned, ground and turned into plastic granulate. The granulate then is being used to spin industrial grade high tenacity polyester yarns with a mechanical performance close to the performance of polyester yarns made from virgin polymer.

So if your project requires a touch of green and you would like to reduce the carbon footprint of your project or product, please consider the use of rPET. The mechanical properties are similar to virgin polyester yarn so your design can be slimmed down. The fiber is available in various titers and the capacity is there to support also your project. Moreover the recycled polyester yarn is produced in Europe (locally sourced, reducing the carbon footprint even further) with EU quality and a short supply chain to reduce your time to market.

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