Aramid is a family of yarns which can be divided in para-aramid and meta-aramid fibers. Both types are heat-resistant and chemical resistant. In terms of mechanical properties both fibers are completely different.

Para-aramid – exhibits a high strength combined with a low elongation, resulting in a high aramid modulus. Also the very good heat and cut resistance makes the fiber an excellent candidate to be used in applications like firefighting clothing, heat resistant cables and cut- and bulletresistant clothing (like bulletproof vests). Kevlar® and Twaron® are the most common known brand names of the para-aramid family. But today there are multiple vendors of these yarns.

Another member of the family is the so called co-polymer para-aramid with similar properties like high strength and good cut- and heat resistance. This fiber is known as the Technora® fiber and is produced by the Japanese company Teijin and performs great in dynamic applications like ropes, belts and hoses.

Meta-aramid – meta-aramid is derived from poly-amid and is flame resistant and temperature resistant up to high temperatures. It is used in protective clothing for firefighters and in race-overalls and flight suits for military pilots. The fiber has a relative low strength and a high elongation and is also used in protective covers for cable-assemblies inside aircrafts. Nomex® is a well know meta-aramid brand produced by Dupont®