About us

SWIFT Fiber  - Smart with Industrial Fiber Technology

We have a strong focus on the full spectrum of industrial fibers - from aramid to Zylon® and from polypropylene to PTFE. Check our fiber range for more details on the individual fibers. Fibers with high strength, low elongation, fibers that float on water, resist high temperatures and chemicals. Fibers that continue to work in seawater or in industrial waste water. Fibers that conduct heat or electricity, resist against impact or have almost zero creep. Every application demands a specific fiber – SWIFT Fiber tailors them to your need.


To survive in today’s business you need to operate faster than your competitor and work smarter than the rest. For instance a lot of information can be found on Internet, but information needs to be digested before it is transformed into knowledge. Everything is about knowledge; to know where to get which fiber with what properties. SWIFT Fiber has gone through a lot of developmental projects in the last decade where this experience has been gained. Experience is the cornerstone SWIFT Fiber has been built on and we are open to share it with you. We are not afraid to share our knowledge – sharing is considered to be modern and very new economy. Please challenge us.

Your challenges

We feel that the Industrial Fibers Business is alive and kicking and has answers to a lot of nowadays challenges. From CO2 reduction by decreasing the weight of composites with stiffer and lighter materials. Improving the safety of workers by better heat- and fire-resistant clothing or better cut protection by using tougher yarns. Reducing the diameter of cables and lower the required plastics to jacket the cable by miniaturizing the strength members. Just a couple of ideas to face challenges of our customers. What is your challenge?

The SWIFT way

Knowledge, products, service – all in a SWIFT manner with a friendly touch – this is the added value of SWIFT Fiber. We like to provide service with a quick response to questions, requests and orders. From distribution, stock keeping, to the delivery of added value with twisted and coated fibers and yarns. Functionalized by converting the yarns with processes and coatings, delivered in a package that fits into your process as easy as possible – that is also the SWIFT way. Reduce handling and work smarter than your competitor. From a sample to full scale production, SWIFT Fiber likes to assist you with your developments.

Sales manager

During my 10 years experience as a sales manager of high performance fibers in Europe and Asia, I worked with customers specialized in Fiber Optic Cables, Composites, Industrial and Oil & Gas applications. I have proved to be succesful in helping customers solving their engineering challenges and I’m more than willing to help you with any fiber related requests.

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Bart Broos


Purchase manager

With 3 years experience in industrial fiber business and 5 years international sourcing and trading experience, I’m able to source different requested products for our clients. SWIFT is dynamic and innovative and we are always looking for new products and possibilities. If you have something new to offer, like new yarns, fibers, filaments and coatings, please contact me.

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Connie Shen